Sunday, August 7, 2016

Awaiting Thoughts

I still have thoughts, though I rarely share them on my blogs. Lately I've been thinking about cats, (a LOT), my divorce and all the ways it changed me, and like many Americans, I think about the future of our great country, and what kind of world we are leaving behind for our children.

Cats, oh how I love thee! In July 2013, I embarked on a journey that would lead me to become a better person, and a crazy cat lady. I was already kinda crazy, I just didn't have the cats yet... *winks* I fell in love with my first black kitty, then adopted him a wife, (hey, my marriage sucked but it didn't mean my Keezer couldn't be happy in his!). Knowing I didn't need more than 2, I began volunteering for The Humane Society at Petsmart... And naturally ended up with 2 more fur babies. No regrets, I'm charmed by all my darlings and would not change a thing. Also, let me add, that my current favorite charities are Alley Cat Allies, The Worlds Greatest Cat House (Englewood, Florida shoutout to Rick and Chrissy XoXo!), The Humane Society, Angels of Assissi, and Petsmart Charities (in that order). Please consider donating, thanks.

My divorce. Heartbreaker, ya know? I'll always love my ex husband. He was my one true love. I haven't been able to love or even care about any man since. He manages to date anything and anyone that comes his way, but it is what it is. Men and women are VERY different creatures. We maintain a subtle closeness, and speak regularly. I've promised myself that should he ever become terminally ill, I will remarry him. At least then I'll have a good reason to turn down dates and dress in black all the time.

Now we come to the future of America. God willing the 2016 presidential election will come out as I expect. Rationality will overcome bigotry and ignorance, and my children will be safe from the threat of nuclear annihilation. Pray for the USA, we need it. If you're not an ignorant bigot who dropped out in middle school, check out the book I'm currently reading called, "Hillbilly Elegy." As a southerner living in the mountains of southwest Virginia, I understand the mentality of the poor and downtrodden who regularly vote against their own interests, but many do not. This book is a great tool for those unfamiliar with the mindset.

Well, well, well. Another blog under my belt. I'm proud, I'll pat myself on the back for you. Goodnight, faithful readers. Thank you for the pennies. My cats and kiddos appreciate them. We're living well here in the hills of Virginia. Hope you live well too.


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So ur not married?

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