Thursday, February 5, 2015

Careful Thoughts

Sometimes it's a good idea to just keep your mouth shut. Does that sound nasty? Hope not! 

As a little girl my favorite grandmother would often speak to me in French. She was a woman of stature & the epitome of, "keeping it classy!" Oftentimes she would let me know I was out of line by saying, "Ferme la bouche." I knew what it meant & I still do. It means shut your mouth. Think more, talk less.


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts. Thank you for blogging, it's nice to read someone's thoughts in more than 140 characters.
- Buzzy

nora nader said...

LOL. I love this! Great thought Eva! My first day in French class and this is what the teacher said to me, "Ferme la bouche"...and then everyday thereafter until the end of the semester. O_o