Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reputable Thoughts

In 2009 I left my job at Elizabeth Arden & for a time I was unemployed. To be honest, at 1st I didn't know what to do with myself. All my friends still had jobs & my children had both started school. My ex husband & I were living in Wilmington, N.C. & I spent most days watching TV, walking to & from Carolina Beach & playing Sodoku or Wii Sports. Then, the Casey Anthony trial began & I was glued to HLN. Vinny Politan was annoying & I remembered I had made this account on twitter....& so began my love/hate affair with social media. 

When I decided to send a sarcastic tweet to Mr. Politan, "I wish you would eat a 5 lb. bag of sugar & die," little did I know that one sentence would change my life...probably not for the better but c'est la vie. Trust me, people, I had no idea I was so called 'trolling.' Honest! I was just being myself: Eva Elisabeth Brown. 

That one little tweet would cement my reputation online as a troll, which I am most assuredly not. I will admit that I do like it when people get mad...especially ignorant people. I was of the opinion that the housewives at the school bus stop were more concerned about the looks of Casey Anthony than the fact that she MIGHT have killed her child. That is all I was ever trying to say...then it snowballed into something more. 

I ended up meeting a few other angry people who had a lot of free time to spend online. All of them were males & I guess men tend to like me...I'm a man's woman so to speak. Of course, I should have been wise enough at 38 to realize that men should have jobs, & not be online all day & night teasing stay at home mothers, even if they are fat, ugly or of sub par intelligence. Furthermore, these men were predatory & in no way should I have ever trusted them or considered them, 'friends.' 

After a time I found better things to do, like arts & crafts, charity work & now I've begun to work a real job again, but I can't seem to shake those old trolls I used to hang out with. I have a feeling they're still pretty angry, broke & haven't moved on the same way I did, which is too bad for them, me & all the other people they spend their time harassing for fun. I totally get it that people take their anger & frustrations out on others, especially on the internet, but one should really wake up to the fact that eventually they have to move on or die. 

Hopefully one day I will be allowed to have a normal internet life...like all the other mothers at the bus stop. I still don't hate Casey Anthony or any other pretty woman, cos I like myself, my looks & my life too much to be a hater of other females. I'm sorry I was ever associated to those kind of people cos I'm not like them. I sleep at night, talk to real people, shop, work, have hobbies, watch TV...basically I decided that I can't live inside this machine on my lap & adjusted back to living in the real world. 

There's exists a balance between real life & social media...thank goodness I found it. Now, if only I could get a better reputation online & people would forget I ever knew those loser guys who messed up my mind, dragged me into bad things & took advantage of my naivete. 


Anonymous said...

I never understood you back then.

Lisa Lee said...

I love you Eva Elisabeth Brown! I'm so happy you are getting that dumb girl named Core Storm who harasses my favorite celeb Shay Carl.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony is very bad person.

Eva ELisabeth Brown said...

I was only using Casey Anthony as an example...not supporting her. It's a metaphor. ~ Ty! Eva Elisabeth Brown