Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Thoughts

Did I once say I loved trolls? Yeah, maybe I did, maybe I still do...maybe it's more the stalkers I'm sick of...or are they the same thing? All I know is if you're too high profile online you get a few freaks tagging along for the ride. 

Let me 1st say that being popular on the internet is no great accomplishment. Oftentimes that kid you never noticed...the dark one, the weird one, the smart one...will blow up online. Cos this is where we excel: In the land of thoughts & ideas. Not saying others don't do well here, perhaps the guy or girl who was hot back in high school & still is well liked on Facebook. But some of us simply excel at this social media thing based on our own creative writing, comedy & so on. Don't hate me! If you got this much attention you'd be right beside me & you know it. 

Sadly not all those who spend their lives on the fringe blossom on the web, but they do get behind the keyboard. They sometimes end up feeling even more outcast spending most of their time online attacking others. So go ahead, be a troll if it floats your boat. I might still be one...but I don't think so. I don't really think I ever was one to be honest...I'm simply outspoken, misunderstood & brash. Trust me internet people, it's not an act I put on for you, I'm this way everywhere I go. 

Of course I don't care if some elderly loner or nerd or hateful housewife wants to call me fat, old, ugly, dumb, dingy, crazy or wtf else you think I am. Go ahead but move along! I'll forget you fast. I have a short attention span...think of a gnat ;) 

What I do care about is the attacking fake accounts, blogs, nasty posts & comments. It's bad to do that, it makes you garbage if you do that. It's not only childish but obsessive & obsessive about the thing you say you hate. Oh & they will always know it's you. Trust me on that. Even someone such as myself really only picks up one stalker/internet crazy at a time...99% of people get mad & get forgotten.

Being a victim of internet stalking can scare you & make you want to avoid your computer & phone. I've had lots of people ask me why I still enjoy social media after the experience I've had with a stalker...but you can't let the terrorists win. True story, not kidding at all. Also I find (& I'm sure others who go through it will tell the same story) that most people really empathize with what you're going through & your popularity will soar because of it. I'm lucky to have made so many supportive friends & it was all worth it to painful as it may be.