Monday, May 5, 2014

Narcissistic Thoughts

I'm glad I learned to swim when I was a girl, cos I'd surely have drowned by now! This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Imagine if there were 2 of me? wow that'd be a fine thing. I'm sure we'd understand each other so well & be the best of friends.

What would be most fun is if my other ME could be like 5 years younger. I'd give her so much good advice, then I'd revel in the perfection with which she met all her goals, did it all just right & became the woman I knew I should always have been! Instead of the deeply flawed woman I am.

But alas this is only a fantasy & there will always & forever be but one ME. You can't be me & if you wanna be me, well you don't have much going on in your life. Still, there are people out there who LOVE to mimic my every move, message me relentlessly & constantly try to insert themselves into my life.

To those people I say, sorry. The door is now & will forever be closed to you. I don't go back & repeat old mistakes (not with women anyhoo hint hint), once I learn you're too crazy for my scene, I cut you off forever. This would apply to a real friend, or a family member & it certainly applies to total strangers online who know NOTHING about me, my family, my marital status or what I care about.

The one thing I will tip you off to, & this is free advice so take it: (My granny says always take free stuff!) No one on the internet can ever affect me, but I do enjoy watching you try. I wonder to myself, 'how much of her time does she spend thinking about me? how many times has she typed my name?' & that makes me giggle.

The best view you'll ever get from me is my back, which I turned on you long ago, pest.


Eva ELisabeth Brown said...

I am awesome....I see why you copy me! If I were you I'd copy me too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog

Anonymous said...

will share on google for you miss eva

Anonymous said...

Eva, Core is trying to get people to screen shot your facebook so be careful who you add.