Saturday, April 28, 2012

#FollowFriday Thoughts

Yesterday I took part in #FollowFriday on twitter. It wasn't the first time I did this, but it was the first time I really recognized the benefits of this awesome way to make new friends on the website we all know & love, twitter. I've learned that you can boost your mentions, meet all kinds of new people & gain followers at the same time.

I don't use automated tweeting apps on my twitter account @evablogger. Yes, I've tried them but I go on twitter to send personal messages & reach a wider audience than I can with my Facebook & blogs. Many do use lazy shout out & other popular apps for #FollowFriday mentions, nothing wrong with that, but since I was personally managing my twitter, I was able to really see the results when I joined in with those who mentioned me. I had well over 200 mentions & almost 100 retweets yesterday. We all love that!

Not only did I get record mentions on twitter this #FollowFriday I made a lot of new twitter friends. Yes, I call them friends. I may never meet them in real life, but if you follow me, like my fan page or join my blog, I consider you to be a type of friend. When you support my online industry, you support my family & that makes you some kind of a friend. Ask me for help or advice & you're going to get it.

My twitter following grew by a solid 200 accounts as well. Sure, I have over 100 thousand followers & I'll not deny it's impossible to interact with each one, but 200 adds is nothing to sneeze at & I'm grateful to each one of them. If you follow me I appreciate it & anyone that needs something from me there, need only ask & I'll give my best response. If that's not a friend of some sort, I don't know what one is.

Join all of us on twitter & tweet your twitter friends on #FollowFriday. It's one of the most popular trends out there. Never forget, twitter is King when it comes to social media. Trends are powerful marketing tools even if you only want to market yourself. Don't forget to add #FollowFriday to your Friday mentions to promote yourself & your #TwitterFriends Let's see if we can start a new trend!