Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Thoughts

As Summer approaches, I've decided I need a break from indoor activities like blogging, twittering & Facebooking. These are all very fun cerebral activities & they are an excellent way to pass the time when snow covers the ground & the cold wind blows, but recently I opened my windows in the back room where I spend so much time & remembered, it's Springtime now.

Every year I grow a garden. I love to plant tomatoes best. I can never grow enough. They are so easy to give away or can. I have a few other things I like to grow & each year I try my hand at something new. Last year it was peppers. What will it be this time?

Hiking is another way I like to spend my time when it's warm. I live just above the River, it's about 2 blocks down the road. The city in which I live, during more prosperous times, constructed an elaborate greenway along the river & it's so nice to walk there. Why sometimes I even get caught up & find myself all the way across town. I can't wait to do that again. The treadmills at the gym simply do not offer the same pleasures as walking outdoors.

Finally I'll be looking forward to getting some sun by the pool. Last year the pool warmed up so fast we were swimming in May. I don't expect the same to be true this year, but I'll be in there by June. June isn't so far off & swimming is such a pleasurable activity. It's hard to get pool time once school is out, but I'll fight a bit harder than usual this year.

Basically what I'm saying is this may be my last blog for a while. Maybe I'll be inspired by a rainy day, but really, I hope not. I love the outdoors & I'm ready to catch up with my old friend. If you're looking for me, don't message me, I'll be in my garden, pool or strolling along the banks of the river.