Sunday, December 25, 2011

Troll Thoughts

So often I hear the word troll used as an insult, but I love trolls. The cute dolls, the mythical ones & the ones on the internet. I think they're all cute & never want them to go away. Trolls are great, you could say I'm a lifelong troll groupie. They've always had a presence in my life & apparently plan to continue to maintain one. It's okay, they serve a purpose. The dolls bring me happiness & luck, the mythical ones entertain me & the ones on the internet pay attention to me. I love trolls.

As a child I know for sure I had a few trolls. They were a hot item. I never liked dolls, however troll dolls were the exception. Perhaps it was fate or it could have been the fact that I read The Hobbit before they were introduced. Some called them ugly, not me, they're cute. These trolls topped my pencils & sat by my bed, always watching, that's what trolls do. I blew on their heads for luck. The more trolls you had the luckier you were. These trolls were my friends just like the mythical ones in books & games had been. I love trolls.

The latest kind of troll in my life is on the internet & even I can be this kind if you motivate me. Lulz, trolls are always good, even this brand. If not for trolls, who would read my posts? No one, that's who & they do get read, I know because I check. I have learned so much from these guys. The lessons range from don't post TMI to don't e-mail sexy pictures to ANYONE. Yes, internet trolls have taught me a lot & I love them all too.

This has been an open professing of my love for trolls. I'm a troll, you're a troll, we're all trolls. I embrace my inner troll & use it as needed. Embrace your's too! Trolls are fun, furry, lucky, cute, happy, tenacious, famous, long lasting & much needed. I could go on & on, but my point is this: I LOVE TROLLS!