Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sugary Thoughts

Lately I've been feeling misunderstood. I'm really such a sweet person, but I find it hard to show that side of myself. We all have different sides, let's assume for the art of the narrative that I have three. One part of me is nice, another is honest & the third is a cynic. Allow me to elaborate.

Like most I know I want to be nice, to serve the greater good & not waste my life away on nothingness. Helping others, exuding positive energy & making fond memories on a daily basis. This is how I want my life to be. This is the person I try to be. Fail? Not really, 33% is all I can give.

I also like to think I'm honest. Honest doesn't mean you have to be hurtful or tell your entire life story, it means I'll own what I do & say. Am I ever wrong? Of course, we all are. Maybe I'll admit it, maybe I won't, 33% is all I have to give.

Third, I'm quite the cynic. Given the world we live in most of us likely are. I can still be a sweetheart while expecting less than sunshine & rainbows. This is allowed. I like my humor dry & I may laugh when others won't. It's okay, it's only 33% of me.

The 1% that's left is in the sugar bowl, so sweetness wins out. If only everyone could be a fan of mine, the world would be a perfect place for me. Oh well, I'll just keep being 34% perfect & consider that a passing percentage.