Thursday, December 1, 2011

#TeamFollowBack Thoughts

Team work is a wonderful thing. TeamFollowBack on twitter is a team in every sense of the word too. I know this because I've been on many teams in my life & this is one of the best! It embodies every aspect of team work & even if you don't like sports or have never played one, you can still appreciate teamwork. I'd like to share my top three tips on being a successful member!

Promoting yourself is great. Self promotion shows you have confidence & we all want to be around confident people. I'd like to say however, that you get what you give & promoting other profiles is one of the best ways to gain a following on twitter. Take a look at my profile if you doubt me. Give some shout outs until you gain a following, if nothing else, you'll make lots of new friends.

I'm about to give away a huge secret of mine. It involves math which is not one of my favorite things, but in order to succeed on teamfollowback, you will have to do some. Sorry. Ratios matter on the profiles you follow. Anyone can tweet #teamfollowback #autofollow #500aday or add one of these onto a tweet ♛, it doesn't mean they will follow you back. How can you tell who does? Look at the profile! If they claim teamfollowback membership they should follow more or about the same number of profiles that follow them. Think about it, it's the simplest thing in the world.

Okay, so you've gained a following, congratulations. What are you going to do with it? Twitter is a community and you are now a prominent member. The average twitter user has about 100 followers & tweets 4 times per day (according to what I've read, I can't imagine this, but it's all over the web so I'll trust it's true). You are not average, you are a star! Do something with your status, promote a good cause, blog or make your tweets useful. You can still be yourself if you like, but it would be nice if you'd do more.

I love #teamfollowback & I'll always be a member. If you follow me, I follow you back. I'm a member of this team & want to be a productive one too. Join us please.


Anonymous said...

tfb ain't what it used to be but you do got a lot of follows on there, lol.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, eva