Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wild Thoughts

The internet is the wild west. I've heard this said at least 5 times, most notably by Carl of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but it bears repeating. I've seen things done that shocked me, at the time. Being new to the internet, I wish I'd known the following things 6 months ago.

One should never give too much information. We all put ourselves out there, but maybe sometimes more than we mean to. Always bear in mind that no matter who you are, someone is probably reading what you say. All of your tweets for example, added together, give out an incredible amount of info. During my entire time online, more or less, I've given away everything except the kitchen sink & it's been used against me. I repeat, be careful what you send over the internet, it's forever.

What you don't read can't hurt you. Every social media website I use has an option to block other users. I use this option & it comes in handy. Never engage an abusive person. If you enjoy a debate, go ahead, but don't take it too far & block as needed. I have to say this again, block as needed.

There is no need to be any more specific, but I do know that these two recommendations will serve anyone who follows them well. It's not easy to follow them, most of us love to talk about ourselves & most of us want to be right. You can't win an argument with a fool. Only a fool would try. Put yourself out there, just not too much. I'm speaking from experience here.