Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chatterbox Thoughts

Do you talk to much on twitter? Have you been publishing your entire life story without even realizing it? How many tweets do send every day? Ask yourself these questions & give an honest answer. If you're answering yes to any of them, please join me for a discussion. It's okay, you're among friends.

Talking too much is easy to do, especially when you have an audience. I type fast & when I began to tweet on my laptop in August I started doing what I call tweaker tweeting. I was overwhelmed & stimulated as if I'd had too much coffee. There was so much to see & read, I could interact with people all over the world. I'd literally tweet for hours at a time. I still see people doing it & it's not a good thing. You need to take a break, visit other websites along with twitter. Remember, it's unhealthy to get wrapped up in one thing, imagine playing your Wii for five hours straight. Need I say more?

How much of your personal information have you put onto your timeline? Even if it's only your first name here & your town the next day, someone saw you say that & they might be crazy. At this point, I'm okay if you know who I am & where I live, but there have been times when this was not something I was comfortable with. How do you feel about it? Most people don't want you to know exactly who they are. That's why so many of them use an avatar.

Twenty two tweets per day is the optimum number for the most successful twitter accounts. The lowest number you should send is ten & the greatest number is fifty. How many do you send? If the answer is hundreds, you need to consider adding a Facebook or going on chat. These things exist for a reason. Yahoo chat is great. I use it to send IM & SMS messages. Do you text? I text right from my Yahoo e-mail for free. Many people use chat rooms. I don't know much about them but I do know this much, they are more private & sometimes privacy can be a good thing.

Taking advantage of multiple methods of communication is a good thing. Spread around your interests & don't get stuck on one website all day. Remain a bit of an enigma to most by communicating behind the scenes with the people you do want to get to know better. Finally, don't annoy your followers, or become a sideshow, by maxing out your tweets ten times everyday at all hours of the day & night. Happy tweeting & more!

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Betty D. said...

Following you on twitter, saw this and its a nice blog. I might try this myself someday.