Saturday, December 3, 2011

Noob Thoughts

Another tale of a noob on twitter. There was a time, in the beginning, when computers & the internet were an enigma to me (for the most part they still are). Here's an example of how little I knew, I learned to use copy & paste about 3 weeks ago. When starting out, tweeting from my phone, it's as if I were a lamb sent out to slaughter. I would fall for anything.

Within the first month of using twitter, I had accidentally posted a somewhat embarrassing image of myself, it's still online. I can find it in about 5 seconds. I may post it with this story. It's not so bad, just not me at my best. Images that you post on your account stay online even if you delete them. They can be found randomly on Google.

 During this same time period I gave my phone number to two other twitter users & sent a picture message of myself to another. Why? I didn't know any better. The first person said they thought I might not really be a female, I was that naive in the beginning. Looking back now, I laugh at my own ignorance, judge & chastise myself for these transgressions. What a dummy. In case anyone doesn't know, these are not good things & you should never do them. I'm pretty sure however, most people already know (wish I had).

More recently I began sharing my e-mail address (I won't tell who I gave my IP address to, that's a long story). I use Yahoo messenger on a regular basis, but was unaware that anyone who has your e-mail address can send you an instant message. One night, I went into my e-mail to retrieve a picture & there was a strange man sending me unwanted IMs. Long story short, I no longer have my original e-mail. Maybe I could have blocked him, but my Yahoo profile had all my information on it, including my phone number. It felt safer to just delete the e-mail right that very second!

This has more or less been the tale of a noob. More of a confession than a story, but who knows, maybe there's another one like me out there. Hope not, for their own sake. Maybe I should post that embarrassing pic with this story. Why not? Here's a picture of me with no make-up making a fool of myself.