Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Thoughts

Aren't birthdays a funny thing? That inevitable question, "How old are you?" Some dread this some love it. I'd like to talk about all the different ways that we see birthdays. Love them, hate them, lie about them, we all do it differently.

As children we love birthdays. We look forward to them. In my house they are known as the "birthday week," & we celebrate them all week long. There is the main party on the week-end & a small one on the day of. It's a great way to make them extra special. Yes, children love to have birthdays & the are always happy to tell you how old they are.

I know people who keep their birthday a secret. It's as if they never have one. These people don't want to tell you how old they are either. There is no telling them that birthdays are fun, they just see it as growing older. Too bad because birthdays are supposed to be fun! I love my birthday & it's coming up in 2 weeks. I can't wait to have my birthday week. I plan to celebrate it every where I go.

Happy birthday. Whenever your birthday is & however you feel about it, Happy Birthday. I hope everyone takes the time to tell me the same.