Friday, June 13, 2014

Train Thoughts

Lately I've been thinking about, discussing & riding on trains. It may seem silly to want to blog about them but I do love to travel by rail!

The first time I ever rode a train would have been in 1982 when my family vacationed at Disney world resort in Orlando, Florida. It was one of many wonderful vacations I was lucky to have as a child. Perhaps technically the monorail I rode there wasn't a train per se, but it was close enough for little 10 year old Eva!

My next train ride (if we exclude the one at Mill Mountain Zoo, Lakeside & Kings Dominion) would have been to visit a relative in Florida. That time I went alone. I was only 14 but I felt so grown up! 

The city in which I live, Roanoke, VA, happens to be home to the greatest number of rail crossings in the entire country...but sadly it's been years since passenger rail service was offered here. Coming soon!  

In the meantime when we want to visit DC & disembark in the beautiful & historic Union Station, we must head 2 towns over. Well worth it but we are anxiously awaiting the return of passenger trains to Roanoke. 

Every night as I fall asleep I can hear those coal cars rolling down the relaxing. Where are they headed? Wouldn't it be fun to hop a train! What's that I hear off in the distance? A train whistle :) Sweet Dreams, Roanoke! XoXo ~ Eva Elisabeth Brown


Anonymous said...

Cool photoshop work

Lisa Lee said...


Lisa Lee said...

We took the kids to Disney in CA. It's a great thing to do.

Eva ELisabeth Brown said...

Sweet! Thanks for commenting, Lisa. You're one of the brave. ;) love ya!!

Eva ELisabeth Brown said...


Eva ELisabeth Brown said...

Ty! But it's an iPhone app ;) check it out it's called Bokeh & it's free!