Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Thoughts

2012, what a year! It's not been easy to narrow it down to 3 topics, but I think I chose fairly well. First of all the election, then I decided on Facebook next & the final topic will be...gadgets. So, here's what I thought was trendy last year.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought about the election & it's effects on America last year. Friends arguing? All the divisions, to me it seems that we're more polarized than ever. Everything was one way or the other among most of my friends & people go even farther online with what they say. There was little agreement. I kept mostly quiet...but on the inside I felt a little stressed. Allow me to say this: I think we should keep more to ourselves when it comes to political opinions. Sure, I know you have to do your thing, express your freedom, help the cause, but there's always an argument waiting to happen. Would it hurt us to ease up in social situations when discussing politics? 

Now some lighter fare: Facebook. A guilty pleasure, similar to reality TV. Of course the fact that it went public in 2012 was the reason I decided to mention it. I do think that was a major development & for one of the first times ever I'm following the stock market. I love to use Facebook. It's a fun site. I can't deny it, nor would I try. I use it almost everyday & always say I see it as my diary. However, it can be addictive & when looked at from an outsider's point of view, it is a rather odd pastime. We are putting ourselves on display there & it's not real...not like what's out in the real world. Still, get on board & enjoy it because I think this is only the beginning of social media. It is not a fad. 

Finally I think gadgets are something we're all getting more familiar with. Many of them access the internet too, even cameras. I know my children have gotten older & last year I noticed them using devices such as smart phones & tablets...a step up & new addition to the handheld games of days gone by. The world is becoming more & more technological. All the news coverage about the lastest & better phone, this brand vs. another, it's really had me interested. I may have to upgrade mine again soon...

These have been my thoughts of 2012. Here's hoping we all, everyone in the whole wide world, will have a better year in 2013. I know that I personally am doing my part to make it a banner year. Good luck to you & may you do the same!